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The Dragon Link UHF RC system will open up a whole new world of FPV quality and enjoyment, right before your eyes; something you will never experience with standard RC systems. Not only will you be able to fly FPV further than ever before, but you will be able to fly with enhanced safety – a vital component of successful flying.

The Dragon Link is a transmitter module that will hook up to your current RC transmitter and will result in flights that not only go further, but allow you to fly lower, and in high interference areas – like cities – without fear of glitches and loss of RC control.

Imagine, for the first time, being able to fly FPV without ever having to think about losing RC control; it makes FPV so much more relaxing and fun. The Dragon Link will far exceed the range of all FPV video systems and; consequently, if your video quality begins to degrade as a result of distance, you will still maintain RC control through Dragon Link – assuming you plane has been properly set up.

The Dragon Link is a high quality system, made in the USA by experts in the field, and is fully guaranteed and supported. We have no hesitations in using more expensive components to ensure that our system is the best it can possibly be; installing RF filters so that the Dragon Link will not interfere with your video; a voltage protected receiver that will work with higher voltages, and many other hidden details that will make your Dragon Link trouble free and last for many years to come. In addition, the Dragon Link includes PPM output so that it works perfectly in all the major multicopter systems, flight controllers and autopilots! We make every Dragon Link with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

Want to see some amazing customer videos? See our YouTube channel here

We understand that most people will never fly 30 KM, which may beg the question; why do you need a system capable of flying 30 KM? FPV planes are rarely ever perfect; antenna placement, interference, banking the plane sharply, aerobatics, and many other things can degrade performance, and each one of these things will take a certain percentage away from the quality of your RF link. Therefore, let’s say your plane is small and you are required to put your video transmitter near the RC antenna – if this takes 50 % away from the range of your RC system – you will still be able to fly 15 KM with the Dragon Link and never notice the effects of this imperfection! If you start with a system that has the range of 10 KM and then subtract 50%, your limit would be a short 5 KM. This is why it is always better to have more performance than you think you will need!